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Recipe: Willow Creek Sourdough Starter

Willow Creek Sourdough Starter is made from 100 year old starter ‘borrowed’ from Cavey’s Restaurant, outside of Hartford, CT, the oldest Italian Restaurant in the tri-state area. Curtis and Kristopher have had it for 25 years, but this starter has been used for generations. Sourdough starter is simple to manage and can be frozen and refreshed again.

The management of sourdough starter is as simple as this - for whatever volume you remove, you will replace it with an equal volume of water and bread flour. For example, if you remove 2 cups of starter, replace with 1 cup of flour and 1 cup of water. Mix well, and let the starter activate. Sourdough starter has different characteristics at different stages of development. This is user preference, however if the starter is not refreshed, it will kill itself.

Sourdough starter can be used to make amazing loaves of bread, but can also be used for pizza dough, pancakes, pie crust, cakes, crackers, soft pretzels and the list goes on and on!

Come in to the Willow Creek Provisions Market to pick up your own sourdough starter, or a house made loaf of sourdough bread!

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