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Recipe: Willow Creek Basic Sourdough Boule

1 2/3 Cups water

1.5 Lbs Willow Creek 100 Year Old Starter

2.5 Lbs High Gluten Bread Flour (King Arthur works well too)

1 Heavy Tablespoon Kosher Salt

Pour the starter and water into a mixing bowl. Mix it well and let it rest for 10 minutes preferably in a warm area. Place flour and salt into your kneading bowl and work in the liquid. Hopefully you have an electric mixer with a dough hook. It’s about a 12 – 15 minute mix/ knead. You should be able to stretch a little piece of dough and get a “gluten window” you can almost see through when the dough is developed. Place the dough ball in a 4 quart oiled container cover and let double in size. Dump the dough out onto a lightly floured work surface, punch out the air pockets, and divide into 4 equal balls. Form the balls into Boule shapes and place onto an oiled or flour dusted sheet tray. Oil the loaves, cover with plastic or a cloth and refrigerate overnight. This process is called “retarding” and really develops character in the bread as it slowly ferments. The next day remove the tray of loaves from the refrigerator and allow to proof covered in a warm area. Preheat your oven to 500f. They should almost double their size at forming. With some water handy, we use a spray bottle, place the sheet tray in the oven quickly and spray/splash the deck of the oven with a little water and close the door. In 8 minutes reduce the heat to 400 and rotate the bread. Monitor the loaves but the should be done in about 10 more minutes. I like mine on the dark side. Cool and enjoy.

All ingredients are available in the Willow Creek Provisions Market! Or stop by to pick up a loaf our prepared Sourdough Bread!

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