Meet The Owners


Curtis & Kristopher Lincoln

Curtis & Kristopher Lincoln have spent most of their marriage working together in different restaurants across the country. They met in 1995 while working together in Cherry Creek. Curtis had just come back from NYC and Kristopher knew the minute she saw him that he was “THE ONE" - and the rest is history! Collectively, they’ve spent over 50 years in the industry. Both knew that someday they would own a restaurant - finding one another was simply fate.

“Working together is what we do best."

Kristopher & Curtis returned to Evergreen in 2005 after working in restaurants all over the country (Denver, Vail, Steamboat, Reno, Nantucket, Las Vegas, Italy, and Baltimore to name a few). Each and every restaurant they worked in was a learning experience and a gift.


“We've learned from every person we have ever worked for and with…the good, the bad, and the ugly!”


After spending most of their marriage working in seasonal restaurants, the couple decided to return to the family ranch - located just three miles from the restaurant. Curtis’ family has resided in Evergreen since the early 1900’s; his grandmother (and Evergreen legend, Freddie Lincoln) was inspirational in their return. The fact that Freddie had such an affinity for the Brown Palace Hotel inspired Curtis to take the Executive Sous position, where he remained for almost five years, prior to opening Willow Creek Restaurant in Evergreen, Colorado.

“We're so lucky to have this incredible restaurant in this incredible spot."


When Curtis & Kristopher first met in 1995 they spent all their free time in Evergreen, riding horses on the family ranch, mushroom hunting, hiking and family dinners... All part of the inspiration behind Willow Creek, which opened in late 2009.

Curtis & his wife Kristopher have three kids, Aidan, Greysen & Ellie, and live on the family ranch where they are constantly entertained by chickens, goats, miniature donkeys, horses, and their beloved Great Pyrenees babies.

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Curtis Lincoln

Head Chef & Owner

Chef Curtis Lincoln has been fortunate to have a long and rich culinary history. He began cooking “professionally” while attending boarding school in rural Vermont. After a short stint in college, he pursued his passion for cooking and moved to Manhattan. After a few years in New York, he returned to Colorado and worked at The Normandy, one of Denver’s great landmark restaurants. It was at this juncture that Curtis made the decision to receive formal training and attended The Culinary Institute of America in 1990. 


After graduating, he worked for a year on the island of Nantucket. He later returned to New York, where he worked and stagiared at a number of restaurants, including The Water Club, The River Café, The Sign of the Dove and The Gotham Bar and Grill. In 1995, after meeting his wife, Kristopher, the couple moved to Vail, where Chef Curtis assisted Paul Ferzacca in opening the critically-acclaimed Game Creek Club.

Curtis has taught culinary classes in Colorado and Italy, works closely with the Gluten Free Society, and is constantly seeking venues to support real food, sustainability, and local producers. Curtis left his position at the Brown Palace Hotel & Spa in the summer of 2009 to pursue every chef’s dream of opening his own restaurant in what used to be a carpet store over looking Evergreen Lake. Oh, how things change!

Kristopher Lincoln

Manager & Owner

Kristopher Lincoln has been intrigued by restaurants since she was 14 years old when she began working at a country club located in her hometown of Denver, North Carolina. Loving the excitement (and the income), she began waiting tables, tending bar, baking cheesecakes and even helping out in the kitchen while she navigated her way through the Interior Design Program at the University of Nevada.


After moving to Colorado in 1994, Kristopher found herself working as a designer by day and tending bar at night. She made the move to a swanky Cherry Creek Restaurant a few years later where she met her husband, Curtis. The two soon set off to run several internationally known restaurants together all over the country. “I knew that despite my creative side and my degree in design, I wanted to be in the restaurant business and work with my husband. Being married to a chef (and this business) is exciting and challenging - all rolled into one big ball." 


Kristopher has taken time off over the years to raise their three children - but is very happy to own what she considers to be her dream restaurant. “I am so lucky that I am able to balance this crazy life with raising my kids. Our boys are always around and I love that they are a part of this. I honestly feel blessed”. She was able to use her design background to enhance the already wonderful location. “I tease my mom by telling her that I finally got to use that degree on something for myself!” Kristopher is a familiar face around the restaurant both day and night and loves every minute of it.