Curtis and Kristopher Lincoln

Curtis & Kristopher Lincoln have spent most of their marriage working together in different restaurants across the country. They met in 1995 while working together in Cherry Creek.  Curtis had just come back from NYC & Kristopher says she knew the minute she saw him that he was “THE ONE”…The rest is history.  Collectively they’ve spent over 50 years in the industry… Both knew that someday they would own a restaurant, finding one another was simply fate!

“Working together is what we do best”…

Kristopher & Curtis returned to Evergreen in 2005 after working in restaurants all over the country… Denver, Vail, Steamboat, Reno, Nantucket, Las Vegas, Italy, Baltimore… etc. Kristopher says  that each & every restaurant was a learning experience and a gift.  “We have learned from every person we have ever worked for and with…the good, the bad and the ugly!” After spending most of their marriage working in seasonal restaurants, the couple decided to return to Evergreen and the family ranch…located just 3 miles from the restaurant. Curtis’ family has resided in Evergreen since the early 1900’s.  His grandmother and an Evergreen legend, Freddie Lincoln was inspirational in their return. Curtis went to work for the Brown Palace Hotel down in Denver. The fact that his grandmother Freddie had such an affinity for the hotel inspired him to take the Executive Sous position where he remained for almost 5 years before opening Willow Creek.

“We feel so blessed to have this incredible restaurant in this incredible spot,” says Kristopher.  When Curtis & Kristopher first met in 1995 they spent all their free time in Evergreen, riding horses on the family ranch, mushroom hunting, hiking and family dinners... All part of the inspiration behind Willow Creek! 

Willow Creek opened in late 2009... Kristopher says; “without a doubt, every single person that works in our restaurant plays a part in making Willow Creek a success. Curtis and I are really proud of our staff.  It has taken some time to get to this point, but we have achieved a very happy harmony within these walls.  We have a  professional and passionate kitchen team that is excited about work each day.  Our front of the house team  is excited to see what the kitchen creates on a day to day basis and I can see how proud they are to have such incredible offerings.  The entire team exemplifies our mission.  Our staff has become our family and I think, in particular, that shines through”

“Lucky to be back in Evergreen, we have a wonderful location, we are doing what we love and hopefully our guests feel that when they come to our restaurant…. We have gained the trust of the community and hope to be a huge success both locally and nationally.”  Featured in USA Today for one The Top 10 Places In The US For House-Made Pasta and Wine Spectators "Award Of Excellence", Willow Creek is proud to put Evergreen on the map for excellent Colorado dining.